Point Lonsdale Pier

The fishing pier at Point Lonsdale, was quite the windy evening so while I waiting for the sunset colours that never came so set up and practiced some long exposure photography. Image taken on January the 12th, 2018. Copyright © by Benjamin Wawn

Sand & Sea

  Textures of the sand and sea, taken at the Torquay main beach in Victoria, Australia. Image taken on January the 9th, 2018. Copyright © by Benjamin Wawn

You Yangs

Just finished work for the day and had some spare time up my sleeve so I popped over to the You Yangs to image a perspective I had seen weeks beforehand. Image taken on January the 15th, 2018. Copyright © by Benjamin Wawn    

The Waterfront

Ducked out quickly while I was in town to test out a few new filters I recently purchased and I have to say I am quite impressed by their quality! Cannot wait to get back out and do more with them! Image taken on October the 28th, 2017. Copyright © by Benjamin Wawn

Otways Roadtrip

… Went on a day trip down to the Otways National Park, a rain forest at the southern end of Victoria, Australia. Fantastic place especially in Spring when the waterfalls are full and the greenery is vibrant. Definitely worth another visit, so much to explore! Images taken in the evening of September the 29th, 2017. Copyright © … More Otways Roadtrip

Sunset over Moriac

The clouds looked amazing with the setting sun behind them as I was driving down the highway so I quickly found a spot to pull over and captured this rural landscape before the sun disappeared behind the horizon. Image taken in the evening of April the 11th, 2017. Copyright © by Benjamin Wawn