Under the City

Rain caused my friend and I to reconsider the location of where we were going to attempt a burning steel wool spin. Ending up in the tunnels going under the city train lines we ended up with this result. Image taken on the night of June the 27th, 2015. Copyright © by Benjamin Wawn

Streets of Highton

Looking West from the top of the Roslyn Road hill towards the suburb of Highton in Geelong, Australia. This night was a beautiful one for photography due to the golden glow of the sunset illuminating the hazy air. Image taken in the evening of January the 12th, 2017. Copyright © by Benjamin Wawn For licensing or … More Streets of Highton


This street style panorama is the result of my efforts to capture the life of this iconic heritage listed station in its modern metropolitan setting in Melbourne’s CBD. I wanted to envelop the chaotic lifestyle of the 100,000 plus daily visitors the station caters to yet still be able to portray, and not detract from, … More Flinders